Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mounties - Hawksley Workman, Ryan Dahle, and Steve Bays

A new band called Mounties?

Ryan Dahle, Hawksley Workman, and Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) are collaborating ona new thing called Mounties, supposedly. Could be interesting. Workman has been comfortable veering from indie pop to trashy gutter electro-rock, and I've always felt he could dive into cabaret music like Rufus Wainwright if he wanted to do so. Dahle did some good stuff with Age of Electric, then sparked some criminally-under-rated tunes with Limblifter and the one album under his own nom de plume. Hot Hot Heat I must admit I mostly stayed away from, too much hype for me. The following new tune/video Headphones feature footage from old francophone educational vids, some groove-y rhythmic guitar, some ragged vocals and some vox as pretty as a picture - nothing that points towards the members' previous work, which is at least interesting.

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