Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Fixx - Beautiful Friction

A couple of posts about artists that I missed blogging about last year are in order. Here's one.

The Fixx's Beautiful Friction is their first album in about 9 years, but it's also the band's best in almost 25 years. For a long time, The Fixx's records seemed content to fill their albums with mid-tempo or slower ditties that contained very little of the what made the band good - interesting lyrics, unique guitar, weird keyboard/synth sounds, and dynamic songs, for example.

So it's refreshing to hear a song like What God, where the band pumps out a tough groove, and Follow That Cab, where Cy Curnin drops some desperate pleas and Jamie West-Oram unleashes some hypnotic riffs and grinding chords. Even the moodier, slower songs have more underlying urgency, a brighter spark. Beautiful Friction is the best album from last year that I wasn't expecting to enjoy so much.

Also, the album just came out on vinyl the other day. The inner sleeve features album lyrics and artwork by Jack West-Oram. "Beautiful Friction" is pressed on high-quality 180g vinyl and also includes a digital download card, you can order it here.

What God

Follow That Cab

Take A Risk

Anyone Else


Girl With No Ceiling

Just Before Dawn

Beautiful Friction

Small Thoughts

Second Time Around

Something Ahead of You

Take a Risk acoustic live anyone else acoustic driven out acoustic

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