Monday, January 14, 2013

Bowie's New Song, Momus Covers Bowie's New Song

A while back I was cleaning up some CDs I had lying around and the live double-disc set from David Bowie's Reality jumped into my hand. Had to give it a listen, it had been a while. I realised how much I missed hearing his music, his penchant for reinvention, his confidence in doing whatever the heck he wanted. Only Neil Young has come close to Bowie's against-the-grain decisions, which I always appreciated, even if the albums were uneven. Everybody's Rockin'? Tin Machine II (they covered Roxy Music! Need I say more?)? Trans? Killing off Ziggy? Landing on Water? Actually, maybe Young was more nuts for more consecutive years, but in his early years, Bowie created gems like The Laughing Gnome and Please Mr, Gravedigger, so they might still be even.

Anyway, I had decided to post the Reality Live version of Heroes as soon as I got a chance, with a little lament for an artist I really missed. And before I got to doing that, Bowie surprised us all, again, this time with
the new song and album announcement.

And then Momus puts out his cover version 14 minutes later. Whoosh.

Heroes (Live Reality tour)

The Laughing Gnome

Please, Mr. Gravedigger

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