Friday, October 18, 2013

Ghost B.C. - If You Have Ghost, Covers of Roky Erickson, ABBA, Depeche Mode, Army of Lovers

Ghost B.C. are releasing a Dave Grohl-produced EP entitled If You Have Ghost, which of course will feature a cover of Roky Erickson's tune If You Have Ghosts. Sounds amazing, and you can pre-order here (it will be released Nov. 19th). For some reason, I was expecting scary death metal with Cookie Monster vocals, but this is as melodic and harmonious as I could desire.

If You Have Ghost

Three other tracks on the EP will also be covers, here's the tracklisting:

1. If You Have Ghosts (originally recorded by Roky Erickson)
2. I Am A Marionette (originally recorded by ABBA)
3. Crucified (originally recorded by Army of Lovers)
4. Waiting For The Night (originally recorded by Depeche Mode)
5. Secular Haze (Live) (recorded live at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
All tracks except Secular Haze (Live) recorded and produced by David Eric Grohl.

The version above reminds me a bit of John Wesley Harding's version from the Roky Erickson Tribute album "Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye" (a superlative collection that you should track down at all cost).

Abba cover - I Am a Marionette

Army of Lovers - Crucified

Depeche Mode - Waiting for the Night

Here's what Ghost B.C. sounds like doing some of their own tunes. You have to watch a few of these videos if you want to know about this band. I am intrigued, how 'bout you?

Monstrance Clock

Secular Haze

Here's a couple more from that fine Roky Tribute.

REM - I Walked With A Zombie

Doug Sahm & Sons- You're Gonna Miss Me

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