Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Watchmen - Free Album Download Live at the Hopetoun, The La's and Nova Mob Covers

 The Watchmen have been teasing fans about sharing some "Old Rare tracks, outtakes,demos", and the band has come through with a full album of acoustic tracks recorded at the Hopetoun in Australia. It's worth the little wait, because the sound quality is excellent, and the song selection is stellar as well - seven tunes from Silent Radar, plus All Uncovered, as well as covers of Nova Mob's Admiral of the Sea and The La's Timeless Melody. You can download them all for free here.

 The acoustic versions offer some interesting differences from the original studio versions, like as Daniel Greaves replicating some sounds made by Joey Serlin on the album (such as on Brighter Hell). You even get a Watchmen ditty that's never been released, Everywhere is Grey, which makes me really hunger for some other unreleased tunes that never saw the light of day. "Old Rare tracks, outtakes, demos"...bring 'em on.

Track Listing
1. Do It
2. Any Day Now
3. I'm Waiting
4. Brighter Hell
5. Timeless Melody
6. Say Something
7. Everywhere is Grey
8. All Uncovered
9. Stereo
10. Admiral Of The Sea
11. Silent Radar

Stereo Live in Australia

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Can't remember if I ever posted this, so here it is, 'tho it is unrelated to the Aussie live acoustic stuff, it is pretty good.

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