Saturday, November 9, 2013

Charlie Chesterman Passes Away - Death of Scruffy the Cat Frontman Saddens Scruffy the Yak

I know a lot of people are paying tribute to the passing of Lou Reed. He made a lot of music I love, and since I was a kid I have followed his career. He will be missed by many, obviously.

 But for me, I am mourning the fact that I will never be able to see Charlie Chesterman or Scruffy the Cat play live ever again. Those of you who have been paying attention know how much I loved the guy. Heck, the name of this dumb blog is a sideways tribute to his band, that should tell you something. Thanks to the guy with the best mullet ever I met in university who turned me on to Scruffy the Cat, I am forever in his debt. Chesterman was real rock 'n' roll, raw romanticism, riotous, raucous, rib-tickling even

Charlie recently passed away after a long bout with cancer. The only thing we can do is rejoice in the great music he left and help his family by paying for some of that music. If you can, please do so. If you cannot, please recognize how much of a contribution he made; pass it on, let others hear his music.

You can also send a check right to Chesterman's family at:

Friends of Charlie Chesterman c/o Juliann Cydylo 18 Mayhew Street Dorchester, MA 02125

Or donate to a Gofundme site if you'd rather chip in online.

The sound is not optimal, but this performance of Goodbye to You is from the 2011 Scruffy the Cat reunion, so it's apt.

Goodbye To You: Scruffy The Cat Reunion Show from Soamel Pictures on Vimeo.

How about a Chesterman tribute that features Young Fresh Fellows, Letters to Cleo, and 22 more?

Letters to Cleo doing Scruffy's tune You Dirty Rat

Grain Belt - My Friend Ringo

Try out the recent release of Chesterman's collectibles, touted as a collection of "hard-to-find compilation tracks and previously unreleased rarities by the ex-Scruffy The Cat frontman, spanning 1992-2012".

Scruffy the Cat - Tiny Days

Scruffy the Cat - Upside Down

Scruffy the Cat - My Baby She's All Right

Scruffy The Cat - Beg, Borrow and Steal

Scruffy the Cat - Moons of Jupiter

Charlie Chesterman- Everybody's Baby

Charlie Chesterman - Mona's Prayer (Harmony Rocket #3)

Charlie Chesterman - Confession (Harmony Rocket #4)

Scruffy the Cat - Nova SS 1968 / My Baby She's Alright

Scruffy The Cat - Happiness To Go! /Pipeline /Johnny B. Goode

Scruffy The Cat - My Fate Was Sealed With A Kiss/Matchbox

Charlie Chesterman - Sexy Rickenbacker

Charlie Chesterman - Sexy Rickenbacker from Jay Dog on Vimeo.

Preacher Roe - Life is fun

Jeff Mellin - Shabby Dress

Jeff Mellin: The Shabby Dress (Charlie Chesterman Cover) starring Xan Kaplan from Jeff Mellin on Vimeo.

Buy Charlie's Solid Gold Electric Chestnut Dispenser here.
Buy Chorus Vs. Solos: A Tribute to Charlie Chesterman here.
Buy Charlie Chesterman on iTunes here.

Head over to Teenage Dogs in Trouble for some more Chesterman and Scruffy the Cat music.

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