Sunday, March 16, 2014

They Might Be Giants - I Am Awake Free MP3, Video Contest

I've been reading the 33 1/3 book about the They Might Be Giants album Flood, and then I get a missive telling me that the band is releasing a new compilation album called Idlewild. The album will include a track entitled "Am I Awake" that the band would like more people to enjoy, so a video contest has been created that is open to all.

There will be 3 winners and $1000 cash prize for each winner. The deadline to enter is April 7th. All rules and judging info is HERE. "Am I Awake" is on Soundcloud, HERE.

 Anyhow, TMBG seem to have made a career out of doing whatever the heck they want. Nobody's crashed through as many genres as the two Johns. I have never been love with every one of their songs, but I have loved many of them. Here are a few from the topsy-turvy world of TMBG - remember, you live in it too.

 I Am Awake Free MP3

You're On Fire

Call You Mom

The Darlings of Lumberland


Lost My Mind


Lost My Mind (Live)


Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Boss of Me

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Birdhouse in your Soul

Don't Let's Start

Ana Ng

The Mesopotamians

Purple Toupee

Careful What You Pack

We're the Replacements


Can't Keep Johnny Down

(She Was a) Hotel Detective

Hot Dog!
) Robot Parade (Live)

Dirt Bike

Mr. Xcitement



The Statue Got Me High (Live on Jonathan Ross)

Covers, anyone?

OK go - Letterbox

Don't Let's Start (8-Bit)

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