Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tyson Meade (Chainsaw Kittens) - Buddy Dash, Tomorrow in Progress

Just recently caught wind that Tyson Meade, former Chainsaw Kittens frontman, is coming out of hiding to release a new album entitled Tomorrow in Progress May 20. The album features songs called Nihilists Need Love Too, Jump Punks, Flying Through Our Skins, Mao Into Madame Mao Into Marvin Gaye, Chinese Space Station Worker [Ramona's Song]. I love it already, and I have only heard the song below, Buddy Dash.

Chainsaw Kittens were great.

John Wayne Dream

Pop Heiress Dies

Loneliest China Place

Silver Millionaire

Dorothy's Last Fling

Dream Police

Grandaddy' Candy

The Treasure is Love

Connie, I've Found the Door

High in High School

All American Wiggle Wiggle


Walking With a Jaguar


Anonymous said...

I LOVE everything Tyson Meade! Thanks for blogging this!!!

chris yak said...

No, thank you for commenting. I am so damn excited for this record...

Anonymous said...

I am also so damn excited!!! Did you hear the othe singles that premiered in Brooklyn Vegan and OUT? Awesome!!