Friday, July 17, 2009

Pointed Sticks

I'm jumping the gun a bit here, but one of the most anticipated releases for me right now is supposed to come out on November 1st. Pointed Sticks have just completed recording for the album, which will be entitled Three Lefts Make A Right. Maybe the best thing to ever come out of Vancouver, Pointed Sticks formed in 1978 and released the excellent record Perfect Youth in 1980. Unfortunately, the Sticks broke up soon afterwards. Here's a taste of their punky pop genius, badly-synced and all.

Pointed Sticks remain for me a band that fell into the early Canuck punk category even thought the band always remained resolutely tuneful, as opposed to shredding ears and dipensing political opinions (which is cool if you're another BC band like DOA). Like The Diodes in Toronto, no one really knew what to do with bands that tempered their punk with well-crafted melodies at the time. Nevertheless, Pointed Sticks should be revered for making music as timeless as The Undertones and as accessible as Green Day - if you've never heard Out of Luck or The Real Thing, download them for free from their website today. Here's another tune - remember that bands didn't really make videos before MTV and MuchMusic, so this is What do You Want Me To Do interspersed with photos circa 1978.

The band got together 25 years after the fact and have been playing sporadic shows ever since. Here's What Do You Want Me To Do as the reformed band did it in 2006.

Pointed Sticks have been giving away free mp3s of their classic songs here, pick 'em up and wait, like me, for the new one.

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