Monday, July 27, 2009

Twee Pop for Reginans? Reginanites?

A friend recently walked up to me and said, "Scruffy, twee something something." Well, he didn't really use the words "something something", but I forget what they were. I was trying to play croquet. Nevertheless, the poor fellow wanted me to give him some musical recommendations. I told him it wasn't my forte.

But I'll give it a whirl. Urban Dictionary tells me that twee pop is a "[t]ype of indie pop that is known for simple, sweet melodies and lyrics, often combined with jangling guitars; twee is also British slang for something almost sickenly sweet". I also learned that a band called Tullycraft put out a song called Twee, sang lyrics such as "fuck me, I'm twee", and released some humourous tunes such as Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend Is Too Stupid to Know About. T-shirts that whisper "Twee as Fuck" or "Twee Fucker" have reportedly been worn by someone - you, maybe?

So now I know that I don't know jack about twee. Here's what I'm calling twee anyway.

twee tunes

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Stephen Whitworth said...

Thanks Scruffy. Could've been worse, I could've asked for Emo.