Thursday, September 2, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different: La Roux & Modern Men

I know I'm way behind on this one, but I kept hearing this song on the radio, it had a huge dance beat that was mostly generic - but the vocals were amazing and the chorus was insidiously infectious. I don't know much about UK's La Roux, and Bulletproof may be reminiscent of Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), but this duo ain't the first to owe a nod to that tune - sometimes it seems like every other dance pop tune steals part of it. But La Roux happens to have Elly Jackson, a singer that has some style and doesn't sound like a lot of others out there. I found this version of the song that eschews the big dance beats for choopy, rhythmic guitar, which says to me that the band is more than radio ready dance pop.

La-Roux-Bulletproof- Acoustic-Version by plusmusicnew

I also found this video, which reminds me of New Order's perfect Kiss clip - a simple recorded performance, as opposed to flashy entertainment. If La Roux is focusing more on the song and the performance, trying to stay away from lip-syncing, more power to 'em. There are other in-studio videos out there that are even more Perfect Kiss-like. Although Jackson seems a bit more impassioned than Bernard Sumner, she also looks like Peter Pan just parachuted in to Dexy's Midnight Runners circa Come On Eileen in the video below.

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Another synth group that's a little out of my normal axis is The Modern Men. But the band sent me a polite e-mail, and I appreciate politeness. The music seems pretty polite too, with gentle poppy synths and muted sung-spoken vocals that sometimes recall Rupert Hine. Check out the band's new album The Sensual sounds of...on iTunes, a track named Synthetic Brown reminds me of Human League a tad, with cool female/male vocal interplay.

Life After Love - THE MODERN MEN by themodernmen

THE MODERN MEN - Lipstick Kiss by themodernmen

THE MODERN MEN - Electric Romance by themodernmen

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