Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sanford: New E.P. - Exit Strategy

Five or so years ago, I went to see The Turnstiles open up for Joel Plaskett - or maybe it was The Paperbacks, how the hell am I supposed to rememeber these things? Fronted by Rob Pachol (The Telepathic Butterflies, The Wind-Ups, The Rowdymen, hell, almost everyone in Winnipeg's played with him) and Sean Buchanan (Western States, Jackpine), The Turnstiles seemed to create music that didn't know the 80's and 90's ever happened. Recording ensued, but Buchanan and Pachol refused to make anything available for public consumption, citing dissatisfaction with the sound. The band faded away into wherever it is that lost rock and roll goes, and the songs went along into the ether.

Fast-forward to now. Winnipeg's Sanford (AKA Rob Pachol) has finally released songs that have been waiting years and years to reach your ears. Backed by local stalwarts Chris Mama Bauer, Rejean Ricard, and Lloyd Peterson, the tunes are pretty difficult to describe, but what do you expect from a guy who lists Graham Parker and pre-beard Waylon Jennings in his list of influences? The Turnstiles sometimes recalled Gram Parsons or The Jayhawks, but Sanford probably fits better between The Long Ryders and Elvis Costello.

Sanford - Complicated Shoes (phony drawl version)
Sanford - Complicated Shoes by scruffy the yak

Buy it now in digital form at Cd Baby, iTunes doesn't have it yet but should soon.

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