Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Urge Overkill mp3 - Effigy

Urge Overkill. Just found out via captainsdead.com and Spin.com that a new album is coming, and one new song is here for us to enjoy. There are a lot of bands from the late eighties into the nineties that we don't need to come back, but we need Urge. I'm sure you loved Saturation, but there was a lot more to love if you were paying attention. Dirty rock 'n' roll without going too far over into the consistently cheesy side, substantial without getting too pretentious, Urge Overkill were fun and worthy at the same time. And if you ever saw them live (for some reason they came to Winnipeg pretty regularly), you know the band had the fire and passion people want to see, hear and feel. The Hold Steady kinda brought back good riffing rock for me, Urge Overkill can bring it to the masses again.

Effigy by Urge Overkill by scruffy the yak

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