Monday, February 21, 2011

Radiohead King of Limbs Remixes, Mash-ups, Live, Covers - Already!

Radiohead's King of Limbs was just released on Friday, and there have been some comments to the fact that it only contains 8 songs, which speaks to the fervent desire of fans for anything Radioheady. There are approximately 9429 reviews of the album out there already, so you don't need mine. I'm just chiming in to provide some live versions, remixes/mash-ups, and covers (that they're already out there also speaks to the fanaticism of fervent fans). Pick a few and add 'em to your album to make what you feel should be the proper number of songs for a complete experience. The Great Lotus and Hall North remixes are exceptionally fine, if you ask me.

Radiohead - Morning Mi Lord (Good Morning Mr. Magpie) by One Thirty BPM

Thom Yorke - Give Up the Ghost 2010.02.25 Corn Exchange, Cambridge by tumples

Great Lotus (Radiohead Mashup) by FIATMITSUBISHI

Radiohead: Lotus Flower ( Hall North Re-Edit) by hall north bootlegs

Radiohead - Codex (Monotrone Remix) by Monotrone

Radiohead- Lotus Flower (nugemix) by nuge

Justice vs. Radiohead - Phantom Lotus by rileyj42

Lotus Flower (Tanner Vale remix v1) by 7sk

"Little Gangsta" Jay-Z/Radiohead by Fichenaffäre

Lotus flower-radiohead-faxa dub remix by FAXA

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (Nachkebia Remix) by Nachkebia

Radiohead - Codex (Mojib Remix) by Mojib

Radiohead- Codex (nugemix) by nuge

Give up the Ghost (Radiohead Cover) by SamJonesMusic

RADIOHEAD- Separator (Idol Eyes Extended Mantra Mix) by accraze

Also, I've seen a couple of comments to R.E.M. having a single called Lotus not that long ago...

Buy King of Limbs here.


Albert Bannatyne said...

It's like when Sgt Pepper was released and Jimi Hendrix played the title song a few days later at the Saville Theatre.

ThriftKing said...

Hey man,

Thanks for putting in the work and making this pretty comprehensive post. I gave you some props over at my blog -


chris yackoboski said...

Albert, are you comparing Rqadiohead to the Beatles?

Thriftking, Thanks. Where did you get that nice Thom Yorke diagram? It's great!
I usually don't bother posting on the much-hyped artists, but for some reason I find it fun with I'm certainly a fan of a lot of their work. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I've got at least one more coming up.

ThriftKing said...

Hey Chris,

That came straight off of the website. There's a full set of them. Fig.1 is called the shower head I think. Which made me want to look at the whole dance as an interpretive daily routine.

Anyways, I post a lot of remixes, that's kind of where my heads at right now, but I try to keep it underground and interesting I even do some mixes on virtual DJ to get around tumblr's restrictive audio post specs. I really need to expand my online publishing knowledge though. Your site(s) look great!