Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Rowdymen Too Little Too Late Video

Out of the blue comes a video from The Rowdymen, Too Little Too Late from the criminally underrated Gas, Liquor and Fireworks. Any excuse for me to post Rode Hard and Ode to Possum again (see bottom of post).

Here's a couple of older ones, as well as my favourite Rowdymen tunes of all time at the bottom on Soundcloud.

The Rowdymen with Gene Pyrz!

The Rowdymen - Ode to Possum by scruffy the yak

The Rowdymen - Rode Hard by scruffy the yak

You can listen to and purchase Gas, Liquor & Fireworks from Transistor 66, iTunes, Amazon, and finer record stores.

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