Friday, July 1, 2011

Mike McDonald, Jr. Gone Wild, and Idyl Tea

It's Canada Day, plus Mike McDonald's Birthday a week ago, so I bring you one of my favourite bands of all time, Jr. Gone Wild. McDonald and his cohorts used to make me smile widely on a regular basis at the Spectrum with their unholy blend of rawk and roots and punk and pop. The following tune, I Don't Know All That (from the perfect album Too Dumb To Quit), may hold my personal record for most deliberate spins, if I kept records of such useless trivia. I definitely played this song so much at the record store I worked in that one (or more) of my co-workers tried to hide it, but my fellow Jr. fan sniffed it out so we could convert more unsuspecting locals to the fine flavours of JGW.

I Don't Know About All That - Jr. Gone Wild by scruffy the yak

McDonald also sings on Idyl Tea's new song, listen to the lyrics if you want to know why that is the case.

The Same Thing by Idyl Tea

Jr. Gone Wild music may be hard to find for purchase these days, but you can try contacting Mike at his record store, you can get the Idyl Tea there for sure:

Permanent Records
8126 Gateway Blvd NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 4B1
(780) 988-2112


jeffen said...

Someone put the play copy "Simple Little Wish" in the ETC room at Musiplex (the country/folk/blues room) and I played the living hell out of that thing.

chris yackoboski said...

Thanks for the comment Jeff. Simple Little Wish never affected me like Too Dumb to Quit, but I'll have to go back and listen again.

Uncle Dirt said...

'Less art more pop' is the best lp ever made by a Canadian band. Perfect.

cy said...

Wow Uncle Dirt, best lp ever by a Canajun band? That's some high praise. I still prefer Too Dumb, but I'll have to dig out Less Art again. Thanks for the comment!

Uncle Dirt said...

Did you dig it out? Make sure you spin the Canadian version, not the American one, ( a few different tracks and different order) it flows.