Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sloan is Unkind, Covers Gary Numan's Cars

I would never have predicted that Sloan would be around for 20 years, never mind releasing a corker of a record like Double Cross at this point in their careers. Four guys that all write their own songs? How long can that last?

Anyway, a nice, simple cheap video (no big effects, tricks, or punchlines) does duuty for Unkind. You regulars will remember that I rarely watch videos, it's the music that I want, and that's what you get. A typically bored-looking Andrew Scott, Chris Murphy barely in the spotlight (?!), some nice Thin Lizzy guitar later on, What more could you ask for?

Sloan covers "Cars" by Gary Numan

SLOAN - UNKIND by ASpencer

Sloan - Follow The Leader by mjvisme

Sloan "Take It Upon Yourself" by Frontside

Sloan - Laying So Low by sound vat

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