Monday, July 4, 2011

Old 97's The Grand Theatre Vol. 2 is Out Any Second Now

So, what's new with Old 97's, you query? I'm glad you asked. Tomorrow the band releases The Grand Theatre Vol. 2. I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but I have heard Brown Haired Daughter, which manages to sound wistful and bright at the same time, alt country ballad-y and rock 'n' roll without approaching powerballad territory. Perfume is another new track the band has made available for previewing purposes, more of a mid-tempo rollicking number, some power-pop back up vox and trademark spot-on twangy guitar. You can download Brown Haired Daughter for free at the band's media page on their website, s well as a live Rhett Miller show. In fact, the Old 97's keep fans coming back by constantly giving away music on their media page - it's always good. What's that? Do I think Rhett Miller is one of the best singer-songwriters alive? Well, yes, I reckon he is.

Perfume by Old 97's

Old 97's - The Grand Theatre by NewWestRecords

The Dance Class by Old 97's

Barrier Reef by Old 97's

Won't Be Home by Old 97's

Color Of A Lonely Heart Is Blue by Old 97's

Dance With Me by Old 97's

Old 97's - Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You) by MMMusic
Big Brown Eyes - Old 97s by 30 Gallon Tank

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