Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bryan Ferry: In Conversation, On the Piano Stool, On Record, Getting Awards

This young whippersnapper Bryan Ferry shows no signs of slowing down. He's ubiquitous, playing more than one show in a day, getting a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) award, and making some of his hard-to-find material available online. And from the live videos surfacing, you'd think he had an amazing twelve-year-old kid on drums (one kit, anyhow) and a 15-year-old whelp on wailing guitar. Maybe these people are keeping him young. Anyway, here's pretty good interview, along with some other videos you might not have seen and some non-album tracks. I'm glad that with David Bowie pretty much out of the picture these days, Ferry seems to have become a go-to guy.

Lover by BryanFerry

Sultanesque by BryanFerry

Nocturne by BryanFerry

Shameless (feat. Bryan Ferry) - Groove Armada Version by BryanFerry

The Numberer by BryanFerry

Hula Kula by BryanFerry

Trash 2 by BryanFerry

South Downs by BryanFerry

Always Unknowing by BryanFerry

Is Your Love Strong Enough by BryanFerry

Olympia Mixes by BryanFerry

The following is, of course, not a Bryan Ferry song.

Lost on the Bryan Ferry by AKUDAMA

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