Friday, August 19, 2011

New Anthrax! Finally!

Anthrax is finally releasing a new studio record after 8 years. Worship Music will be released September 12 internationally and September 13 in the U.S. The band has also re-enlisted Joey Belladonna, who hasn't fronted the band in the studio since 1990's Persistence of Time. Honestly, the band's gone back and forth with singers in the past years more than some guys change their underwear (you know who you are).

I enjoyed the Belladonna years the first time (1985-1992), but preferred the vocalist who followed, John Bush. Belladonna is a classic metal vocalist, with those unbelievably high notes coming into play, and the the new tunes seem to reflect that old school metal, with few aspects of the more adventurous John Bush era. Check out the U2 or Radiohead covers below and you can hear how Anthrax was willing and able to step try some different things. Even before Bush came along the band made some interesting moves, collaborating with Public Enemy way before rap and metal held hands or writing songs based on books or films. The two new songs (immediately below) sound fine, I just hope the guys haven't morphed into just another old metal band covering themselves.

ANTHRAX - The Devil You Know by NuclearBlastRecords

Anthrax - Fight Em Till You Can't by dmrock

Some old school Anthrax:

With John Bush:

Anthrax does U2!?!

Anthrax does Radiohead.

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