Thursday, August 18, 2011

Durham County, Hugh Dillon and Headstones

I'm pretty sure I have never posted about a television show on this blog. I can't say I'm a big TV watcher. But I stumbled across Durham County, a pretty good little series which started...4 years ago?! Okay, I'm out of touch. Anyway, the show's won a bunch of awards, many of you have probably at least heard of it, unlike me. The first season is exceptional, if you ask me, especially the bad guy, played by Justin Louis, who is also known as Louis Ferreira - amazingly creepy. But I also realized that Hugh Dillon is a decent actor. I never got into Flashpoint, the last thing I watched him in was Hard Core Logo, which was a long time ago. So, here's something different, a post about TV, which I rarely watch, and Hugh Dillon, a guy I never paid a lot of attention to when he sung in Headstones. But he did rock a good snarl, fine spiky hair, and a ragged, frayed long-sleeve ribbed sweater, and he was quite different from his character in Durham County, because he was always swearing, spitting, or chain-smoking, even onstage.

Headstones. That reminds me of a story, and while I might not recall all of the details, it goes something like this: Years ago, I remember a friend telling me about when she was a waitress at a pub/restaurant and a rock band came in - Headstones. The guitar player orders a beer. The drummer orders a beer. The bass player? A beer. Singer Hugh Dillon ordered a coffee, or a Coke or something non-alcoholic. My friend the waitress says, "Are you sure you don't want a beer?"
"No thanks."
"Come on, your friends are all having a beer."
"Awww, why not!"
"Because I'm a recovering alcoholic, that's why!"

Unsound-The Headstones by Attack Media Group

Hearts, Love- The Headstones by Deevel

Hindsight-The Headstones by Attack Media Group

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darianm said...

If you watched everything that Hugh Dillon has done as I have you notice what a multitalented actor/singer he is. From Hard Care Logo to Flashpoint and everything in between, you can see that the role doesn't have to fit the actor (Hugh) because the actor (Hugh) fits any role. The Headstones heavy rock, cursing etc. Hugh Dillon's Works Well With Others nice rock. All this plus his is Handsome, Cute (especially when he smiles) and so damn sexy. You put this whole package together and you have one of today's unsurpassed Actors/Singers/Songwriter/Producer...etc.