Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hüsker Dü : the story of the noise-pop pioneers who launched modern rock by Andrew Earles

Today I woke up and listened to Husker Du's Celebrated Summer. Just finished reading Hüsker Dü : the Story of the Noise-pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock by Andrew Earles. It's a pretty straightforward account from a writer who spoke to Grant Hart and Greg Norton but never interviewed Bob Mould, probably because he was writing his own book. As you might guess from the title of the book, the author spends a lot of his words making the argument that Husker Du was indirectly and indirectly responsible for shaping modern rock/college rock/alternative rock as we know it. I think he makes his point pretty clearly. It's not a gossipy, scandalous, rumour-mongering account, Earles has worked hard to try to stay away from sensationalism and focus on reality. For a guy who was too young to see the band live, Earle has created an edifying, entertaining piece of quality rock journalism.

Husker Du - Celebrated Summer by Draconian Age Music

Hüsker Dü - Never Talking To You Again by Nadir Hassan

Every Everything - Husker Du - Flip Your Wig by bluepumpkin aka antennica

Husker du diane by ybstatusquo

Chartered Trips - Hüsker Dü by chrisleoni

Hüsker Dü - Somewhere by user7714452

Husker Du's influence is clear from the countless covers newer artists have recorded. Here's a few.

13 - Nitrominds - Husker Du - Something I learned Today by nitrominds

Never Talking to You Again (Husker Du cover) by stRts

The Better Half of Husker Dü EP - "Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" + Alternate Version by thespacebetweenthings

Celebrated Summer (Orig. Hüsker Dü) by disasteradio

Upset Noise - It's Not Funny Anymore husker du cover by theinflated

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Michael said...

Well, if they did't do it single-handedly (they didn't) they certainly played one of the most important roles. I have a friend who occasionally plays with Grant Hart's band (of the two real powerhouses, Grant is, of course, the less appreciated today)and had the pleasure of meeting Bob Mould while he was on his Workbook tour. At the time he was a great, if somewhat prickly, guy. I understand he's much more relaxed now and good on him for that. Love both their music from then and from now.