Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Wilco Streaming Right Now!

Go listen to the new Wilco record right now (and for about 23 1/2 more hours, I think) at the band's site.

This is on the album (although the song is actually entitled Open Mind) but this ain't the studio form.

Jeff Tweedy - "Open Your Mind" (New Song, Live) by

Also, Nels Cline is some kind of awesome.

Here's some stuff that isn't taken from the album, but I always like to leave you with something you can listen to right here.

Jeff Tweedy & Jay Bennett - Via Chicago (1999) by AnnieHall

Jeff Tweedy - how to fight loneliness by kirmizibasliklikurt

You can pre-order the new album as well as t-shirts, yo-yos, stuff I don't know exactly what it is, etc. here.

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