Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Wilco - I Might and I Love My Label (Nick Lowe!) and Jimmy Eat World Covers Wilco

Wilco is selling pre-orders for their new record The Whole Love, giving away Custom Wilco bicycles and whatnot in order to promote the new long-player. The best promotional tool I've come across is the new song I Might, nice fuzzy guitar, some xylophone, confident vocals from Tweedy and an upbeat feeling all around. B-side is the Nick Lowe cover, since Wilco is now on their own label. Taken from my favourite Nick Lowe Era, it's a fine tune, and both of these Wilco songs are getting me pretty excited for the new release.

Wilco - I Might by chalsroig

Wilco - I Love My Label by The Line Of Best Fit

Here's some older Wilco in case you missed it.

Wilco - I'm Always in Love by ordinary-joe

Wilco - Say You Miss Me by njalmeida

02 She's A Jar / Wilco by jeffreygarofalo

Bull Black Nova by Wilco by benphia

That's Not The Issue - Wilco by StealThisTrack

Wilco - I am Trying to Break Your Heart by mateodesign

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky - Impossible Germany by pcagx

Wilco 2004-11-13 Handshake Drugs by jeff s

07 Wilco - Country Disappeared (Wilco) by GDPR1

Wilco-Someday Soon by allmusiclovers

Wilco - One Wing by okannie

Wilco - Any Major Dude (Steely Dan) by harmonica6by2

Wilco - Magazine Called Sunset by

Is this really Jimmy Eat World doing a Wilco tune? Seems weird to me but it's a decent cover.

Jimmy Eat World - You and I (Wilco cover) by DPie

Here's an interesting remix:

Kid Cozmo VS Wilco (Shot in the Arm) by Kid Cozmo

Buy the new Wilco in all of its multi-facteted pre-order package glory here.

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