Friday, May 25, 2012

Creosote - Area Man

Regina's Creosote is really a one-man wrecking crew named Gord Smith, and he recently released a new album called Area Man. A very long time ago, Smith walked up to me and, apropos of nothing, asked: "Son Volt or Wilco?" Upon receiving my answer, he smiled and quickly moved on. That question stuck in my mind, and I always expect to hear some alt-country coming from Smith, but Area Man is straight-out rock. Or maybe that should be ROCK, because Creosote's new album sounds like the kind of unabashedly riff-heavy, harmony-driven hard rock we don't really hear much anymore. Area Man almost sounds like grunge never happened, that filter that unfortunately spawned Pickleback, Theory of a Default, et cetera.

Smith also has the er, guts to cover Rush on the new record. Not only that, but he chooses a 1980's keyboard-laden track from Power Windows to cover - Mystic Rhythms. You can buy Area Man at iTunes. Creosote is also a son Volt tune. Coinkydink? Just don't call Cresote MR. Creosote.

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