Friday, May 4, 2012

Scott Hinkson - Howlings From High Lake

Scott Hinkson has launched Howlings From High Lake, an 11-track collection of guitar and voice songs recorded live off the floor at Falcon Trails Resort. The album includes a song from each of his albums, two originals, and a number of interesting covers (Sparta, MGMT, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, etc.). Not only that, but it's a name your price album with an interesting charity donation twist. Go to his website.
Track Listing: 1. Ready to Start - (Arcade Fire) 2. Lately 3. All I Need (Radiohead) 4. Surrounded 5. Collapse (Sparta) 6. Simpleton 7. Electric Feel (MGMT) 8. Oh, Horizon! 9. Happiness (Grant Lee Buffalo) 10. Tuesday, the Cabin Says 11. Like a Stone (Audioslave) Track 2 - From TRACKING OUTSIDE IN - 2005 Track 4 - From THE TORRENT SESSIONS - 2008 Track 6 - From ONE BESIDE TWO - 2011 Track 8 & 10 - Copyright 2012 Moniker One Music

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