Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scott Nolan - Award-winning You Rock, We Roll and Hooking up With Ozzy, Tom Waits, and Kelly Clarkson

Winnipegger Scott Nolan's song "You Rock, We Roll" has won Third Place in the Americana category in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition. There were over 16,000 entries from 112 countries. Winners were selected by a diverse panel of judges that included Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Smith (The Cure), Tori Amos, Kelly Clarkson, and John Mayall. Do you think they sat around and listened to everything? Together? I'd love to be in the room, with Ozzy mumbling, Waits growling, Beck sitting there silently, Smith arguing just to be contrary, and Clarkson doing...well, what would she be doing? I have no idea, but as the real "pop" star in that list, perhaps she would represent that faction. I wouldn't mind hearing Nolan doing a collaboration with any of those artists. I know Nolan is a Tom Waits fan, I've seen and heard him do a mean Waits cover. Anyhow, 3rd place Americana (Canadiana?) is cool, n'est-il pas? Upcoming Scott Nolan live extravaganzas: July 4 Sask tba July 6&7 nanton auditorium July 12 ironwood Calgary July 14 the slice lethbridge July 18 vancouver tba July 20-22 island folk fest Victoria July 27 gitters pub high river Alberta July 29 medicine hat house show

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