Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Fixx - Anyone Else Video, Beautiful Friction Released Today

The Fixx's first album in almost 10 years, Beautiful Friction, is released today, as is the new video for Anyone Else. The video features guys in suits getting pelted with fruit and hateful people getting splattered by mud. What's not to like?

a live version, not great sound, but interesting for fans nonetheless.

Beautiful Friction on Amazon or iTunes.


Gary"Buck" said...

Classic Fixx, down to the video and production. I like it and want to hear the rest! Have to place an order at His Master's Voice, as I cant find it anywhere on the shelf in this little one horse town!

cy said...

Record shops ain't what they usedta be are they? No one can afford to carry everything, Mr. Buck. I have now heard the whole thing and it is good, though, ain't it?