Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Hunting Accident - Trees and Parks 10" with Robyn Hitchcock Cover!

The other day I received a piece of wood in the mail. Not just any old piece of wood either, but the wooden cover for The Hunting Accident's Trees and Parks ep. Wow! With all songs timing under three minutes, these guys don't mess around. Power pop, post-punk, straight-ahead 90's flavoured rock, the music's all over the place, but hooky vocals, powerful drumming, tasteful keyboards, and jagged guitar always adds up to sweetness for me. As an added bonus the band has covered Robyn Hitchcock's Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl, certainly not his most easily accessible tune, but one of my favourites. The Hunting Accident even casually throws in some French lyrics, which is pretty cool for a non-Canadian, non-European band (from L.A., actually). You can buy the 10" here, it's officially released july 17 on the New Black. Every track is good, check it and see for yourself. Please leave a comment below, it keeps the engines stoked when you do that.

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