Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Divine Fits - I Was Born in a Laundromat!

A b-side from Divine Fits, sounds rockin' and raw, "just liiiike...the queen of the trailer park", with layered fuzzy guitar skronk. If you liked when Spoon played gutbucket rawk, you may enjoy this one as much as me. And hey, that gigposter above by artist Kii Arens is so good I do't need any more eye candy for the rest of the week.

However, the album teasers seem to hint at much more atmospheric tunes than the above.

Remember the album entitled A Thing Called Divine Fits, will be released in Europe and the UK on August 27 and in the US and Canada on August 28. You can pre-order now on the band's website.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know this is a cover of a song by Camper Van Beethoven, from their excellent album Key Lime Pie :)