Saturday, August 4, 2012

Warsaw, Still Lights, and Pop Crimes at Lo Pub - Plus free mp3

Scruffy doesn't get to a lot of shows. I know, I'm bad. However, I really would like to finagle a free evening to catch this show Saturday, August 25, at the Lo Pub. 3 intriguing Winnipeg bands, and I'm not too sure how much longer the Lo Pub will be situated in its current location. What kind of bang
do you get for your buck? Read on. Listen on. Keep on keepin' on.

Still Lights create atmospheric post-punk, replete with menacing basslines, eerie high in the mix keyboards, propulsive percussion, and Edge-y guitars. Heck, the ghost of Joy Division should not be the sole property of Interpol or Editors or Peter Hook or whomever, should it? You can listen to their wicked awesome excellent ep Dead of Night here, and here are some live tracks, the sound is a bit rough, but what the hey.

Warsaw is comprised of gentlemen who crushed heads in bands with monikers like Electro Quarterstaff, Projektor, Meatrack, Burnthe8track and Hide Your Daughters. You know, Darren Achorn, Josh Bedry, Curran Faris, and Ethan Osland (I think that is them above, but the group is somewhat mysterious, maybe due to a bizarre eye ailment). The fellas proclaim to play music that is "some combination of melodic, hooky and heavy". That sounds about right, and maybe we could add hard, loud, dark, and maybe complex...I'm just guessin' here. I haven't been able to hear or see anything from the band except these raw YouTube clips (this will be Warsaw's first show), and it would appear that the guys may have become shadowy figures. Call me Curious George when it comes to Warsaw. If you go to the show, maybe ask what's up with the eye issues and unfortunate finger ailments (see below).

Pop Crimes is a cool name, but everytime I read it, I hear Prince's Pop Life except the purple one sings Crimes instead of Life. Pop Crimes veers from dynamic jangle-twang into not-so-methodical math-rock, some Sonic-ally Youth-ful sneer and world-weary snarl. Sounds grindingly good. Be quick (like today) and you should be able to grab a free mp3 from Pop Crimes at the Manitoba Music website. And if you're quick like that, the band is celebrating the release of it's ep City/Head tonight at Lo Pub with The Gunness and The Mystics. You can get the cd or cassette tonight before the other cool kids.

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