Friday, August 31, 2012

Greg MacPherson - Frequencies

The mighty Greg MacPherson has released a video for Frequencies, which was shot almost a year ago, produced, filmed and edited by Rod Bailey aka Mcenroe. It's an amazing song and an excellent video. However, I couldn't help think that MacPherson's dancing style is eerily similar to Merl Bryck's in the Northern Pikes' Teenland video from back in the day. It doesn't hurt that they both chose to wear simple white shirts and jeans, either. But maybe the movements are just the regular for vocalists who are used to having a guitar strapped on - I seem to remember Springsteen shakin' a rug the same way. Hey, he had on the white t-shirt and jeans too. Maybe the clothes make the dancin' man.

Get Frequencies from the fine album Disintegration Blues right here.

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