Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Soul Asylum - Gravity and Delayed Reaction

After hitting The Mats and Bob Mould, I figured it was time to check in on another of Minneapolis's finest, Soul Asylum. Out of all the Minne greats, this band got me early. You know why? Because they played my town, even if they had to play in crappy little bars. They were always exciting live, and when screaming girls threatened to drown Dave Pirner out years later, I was at the back of the Playhouse with a big smile on my face. I still love Made to be Broken and Hang Time.

But hey, did you know the band's been around for more than 30 years now? Were you aware they have a new album called Delayed Reaction? I wasn't. Here's the first single, Gravity. Sounds like Soul Asylum to me, a hooky rocker by a band that thankfully hasn't succumbed to incorporating elements of electronica, overused auto-tune, or tried to sound anything like Maroon 5 or whoever the big "rock" sales kings are these days.

Here's a live version of a Suicide Commandos song, Attacking the Beat; there's a studio version that you can download by signing up for the band's mailing list. More mp3s are available from the Soul Asylum Audio page, use the Password "Twin Tone" (no quotes) - I know, you would have known the answer anyhow, right? There are outtakes from way back when, not all the links work, but try a few out.

A Soul Asylum cover for ya:

What Minnneapolis artist/band will I post about next?

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