Sunday, August 26, 2012

Post Number 300

PLEASE read to the bottom of this post! My computer tells me that this is Scruffy the Yak's 300th post. More than 128,000 page views. So, more than 300 songs shared (actually probably more than 500 - in some posts, I have shared more than 30 tunes). Some of the most popular songs I have posted to Soundcloud are, interestingly enough, Royal Canoe, The Liptonians, Kori Pop (almost 6000 listens!), Urge Overkill, Kathryn Calder, Scott Hinkson, and The Watchmen. You can hear all of those and more here.

There are two songs I posted in particular that I believe are astoundingly good, but it doesn't seem that many people heard them, so here they are again, The Rowdymen. If I can get them some more
listens or even some comments, I might be able to get some more new songs from the band.

In celebration of 300 posts, I would like to attempt to get a combination of 300 comments below, Twitter re-tweets, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and Facebook comments. Ya wanna help a Yak out?

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