Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keri Latimer - Crowsfeet and Greyskull, Free Mud and Slobber Mp3

Keri Latimer's Crowfeet and Greyskull album is out now, and right now Mud and Slobber is the free download of the week at Manitoba Music's website. I posted the demo version of the song a while back, but the one on the album is a duet with NQ Arbuckle. Other guests on the album include Barry Mirochnick (drums, Neko Case), Christine Fellows (piano), Shaun Brodie (trumpets, Hidden Cameras, Dan Mangan), LucasGoetz (pedal steel, Deep Dark Woods), Damon Mitchell (guitar, Nathan, New Meanies), Devin Latimer(bass, Nathan), and Michael P. Falk (guitar, Les Jupes).

As you might expect, it's a folk-pop tour-de-force, nuanced, atmospheric, and sonically beautiful. Latimer's voice is arresting on its own,  especially when she has proven to be such a strong songwriter, but with the amazing instrumentation on here the record's in a league of its own. The album is available at Music Trader and various online places such as CDBaby and Amazon. Here's that demo again, go to the Manitoba Music site to hear and download the new version.

Here's some more tunes.

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