Thursday, August 30, 2012

Departures - Pillars MP3

Start with a somehow frantic yet spare drumbeat, add simple ringing/grinding guitar chords, then double those guitars, toss in some low-mixed sung-spoken vocals, layer more guitar and bass, let the voice naturally grow more tense and agitated. End up with a track that could have been/will be produced in 1980 or 2020, a version of The Church that turned post-punk instead of psychedelic college rock, maybe bowed down to Sonic Youth and Sylvie instead of Robyn Hitchcock. Anyhow, it's well done, isn't it?

It's quite embarassing when Pitchfork is telling the world about a band from your town that you don't know at all. Dan Gordon's Song of the Day page on facebook hipped me to this one, then Stereogum shared it too. Don't know much about Departures except that they are from Winnipeg and I can't wait to hear the rest. The album Still and Moving Lines is out October 2, and it is was produced by Howard Bilerman (the man who was in Arcade Fire and produced Handsome Furs, The Dears, Grant Hart, and Wolf Parade, among countless others).

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