Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Tragically Hip - Now for Plan A and Streets Ahead

The Tragically Hip have unveiled the cover art for Now For Plan A, their new album dropping October 2. The band has also told fans that a "deluxe digital version of Now For Plan A will also be available at iTunes, which will include 3 live tracks from our recent Calgary show". I thought their last album signalled a sea change for the band, as it contained some quite different songs (for example, The Depression Suite) and really unexpected sounds such as strings, out-of-the norm backing vocals, and some unhinged guitar squeal and skronk. These first two tracks seem very in tune with what the guys have been creating for years, not like the Hip is continuing to veer off on a new path. However, the new album does contain a track called Man Machine Poem, so maybe there are some surprises ahead. The version of Opiated below shows that the kings of Canuck rock don't mind
changing up old songs, so they're still moving ahead.

Now For Plan A Track List:

1. At Transformation
2. Man Machine Poem
3. The Lookahead
4. We Want To Be It
5. Streets Ahead
6. Now For Plan A
7. The Modern Spirit
8. About This Map
9. Take Forever
10. Done And Done
11. Goodnight Attawapiskat

The Hip have also released some unusual video of the band in studio. Like this one

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