Thursday, November 8, 2012

Camper Van Beethoven - Northern California Girls

Camper Van Beethoven are putting out a new album January 22, the 10-song La Costa Perdida, and have graced us with a video for a new song called Northern California Girls. It's a gentle, sweet little tune, with fine harmonies, and it sounds nothing like the Beach Boys, never mnd David Lee Roth covering the Beach Boys. It also doesn't contain a lot of psychedelic flourishes or slightly off-kilter sense of humour which sometimes marked earlier work (which is also quite good). I am very curious to hear the rest of the record.

Northern California Girls

Here are a few older tunes to jog your memory.

The Long Plastic Hallway
Take the Skinheads Bowling
Pictures of Matchstick Men
The Day that Lassie Went to the Moon
Good Guys and Bad Guys
Seven Languages

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