Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mark Hollis - New Track, Old Song, Some Classics

I have been meaning to follow up the recent post I did on the Talk Talk/Mark Hollis tribute album Spirit of Talk Talk. After not releasing any new music since 1998, Hollis recently made available a short instrumental piece entitled ARB Section 1 which was used in the Kelsey Grammer tv show Boss. Anyone expecting s sing-along ditty would be sorely disappointed to hear 55 seconds sans vocals, but if you've enjoyed his solo record or the last two talk Talk albums, no surprise here.

I also stumbled across this song which is supposedly an old song dating from before Talk Talk. I don't know for sure when it was created, but good to hear it nonetheless.

Hollis's sole solo album (1998, self-titled) was made available last year on vinyl, you may still be able to pick it up from Ba D Bing Records. 8 tracks, songs below, the last real tunes from Hollis before his self-imposed retirement.

The Colour of Spring Watershed Inside Looking Out The Gift A Life (1895 - 1915) Westward Bound The Daily Planet A New Jerusalem

When you listen to Hollis's first version of Talk Talk by The Reaction, it's a pretty amazing progression, don't you think? Here's a couple more by The Reaction: Here are some more cover/tributes:

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