Sunday, November 11, 2012

Indicator Indicator - EP

Indicator Indicator. Is that the sound your indicator makes when you signal you are about to make a turn or change lanes? Maybe Sandy Taronno, who is Indicator Indicator, is making changes and changing lanes from his work with Quinzy, the pop/rockmeisters he has toiled with for quite a while. I say toiled becuse Quinzy has always seemed to be a hard-working band, whether playing countless shows or finding ways to promote the music.

Where Quinzy crafted anthemic pop, Indicator Indicator's debut ep (entitled Indicator Indicator - I would have called it Indicator Indicator Indicator Indicator!) melds electronic sounds with accessible smooth rock stylings. Taronno employs loops and a funky beat to back his scathing lyrics on Your Cocoon, and he piles on multiple instrumental tracks and harmonies like an elaborate layer cake baking into a pretty pop anthem on January First.

My Love Don't Belong

I REALLY dig this live version of My Love Don't Belong.

January First

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