Sunday, September 28, 2014

futurekids - say goodnight to the machines

I hate when a clever, cool band starts making music in Winnipeg and I don't hear about it right away, such as when I didn't hear about Cannon Bros. until way after the fact. Another one that fell under my radar is futurekids, who flirt with shoegaze and Britpop frames. Liquid, shimmering guitar lines play off reverb and echo to spare, leading to a dream pop that alternates between soothing and epic, tense and tightly wound and freely unfurled. Slightly reminiscent of another Canadian band called Conrad that few people heard about.
futurekids will shake off some gloom at a release show for "say goodnight to the machines" at the Windsor Hotel in Winnipeg on Saturday, October 18.

Check out the brilliant animated video for In-Service, painstakingly created by bass player/songwriter Nicholas Friesen.


 Here's a free download of Merit Badge.

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A demo version of Olivia Sea? Why thank you, yes.

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