Sunday, September 14, 2014

Warsaw - Record Lows, Show Sept 18

Winnipeg's Warsaw is waiting patiently for you to download their demo, Record Lows, which is free or pay-what-you-will. A compelling blend of melodic scrappy punk (think Samiam) and sludgy, hooky-but-punishing alt-metal (Helmet), Warsaw rises above. And it should, because the musicians in the band (Darren Achorn/ drums, Josh Bedry/ guitar, Curran Faris/ guitar & vocals, and Ethan Osland/ bass) have all proven themselves in so many bands I'm not even going to start listing them, 'cause we ain't got all day.

Carrion Talker

Warsaw will be playing with Russian Circles and The Atlas Moth Thursday Sept. 18 at The Pyramid Cabaret.

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