Monday, September 1, 2014

Slow Leaves - Beauty So Common

Winnipeg's Slow Leaves (Grant Davidson) are (is) releasing a brand-spankin' new album entitled Beauty is so Common on September 6 at the West End Cultural Centre. Beauty is so Common should park Slow Leaves in the same field as singer-songwriters such as Ron Sexsmith and Scott Nolan, fellas that somehow manage to create fresh songs that already sound classic, gimmick-free and devoid of any need to be pigeon-holed into genres such as alt-country. Is it folk? Is it pop? Country? Who cares? My favourite tracks so far are Life of a Better Man, Neighbourhood Watch, and Second Chances.

 Everybody Wants to be in Love

Second Chances

Life of a Better Man (free download!)

And the amazing video for the same song created by Davidson himself.

Careless and Serene (with Rob Pachol on ukelele)

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