Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blue Rodeo & The Unintended: Don't Take 'Em for Granted

photo by Dustin Rabin

Rediscovery of an artist that seems to have left your conciousness is sometimes as good as finding a new gem. Blue Rodeo is one of those for me. I've never been a huge fan, but I've always enjoyed the band's music. I own a number of their albums, even one of Jim Cuddy's solo records and one of Greg Keelor's. But I never became an uberfan for some reason.

However, on Record Store Day, I picked up The Unintended, the album Keelor did with The Sadies and Rick White. The Unintended took its name from my favourite Gordon Lightfoot song, Go Go Round, so although it took me years, I finally scored it from the Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store. While that album sounds nothing like Blue Rodeo, it still reminded me of BR's longevity and how many great songs the band's given us. Maybe I'll do a full post soon on The Unintended, but for now I just want to remind you, like I needed reminding, that Blue Rodeo is still out there making great music.

Blue Rodeo - Gossip

Blue Rodeo - Gossip by PAIMUSIC

The Unintended live 2006

Blue Rodeo Official Online Community

Buy Blue Rodeo here.

Buy The Unintended here.

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septstew said...

I was just listening to them on Friday. Never been an Uberfan either, but some good songs. I'll probably get the title wrong, I'm still back in the record store days where you know your favorite song by which track number it is on the cd, but a live version of Mona Lisa and the Drug Store Dancer(?) was stuck on my ipod most of the afternoon.