Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Young Rival Go Gimmick-Free

While we were sleeping, Young Rival has been steadily building its following from its evil mastermind lair in Hamilton. Hooking up with Hamilton neighbour Sonic Unyon was a good move in my book, I've always had a soft spot for that little label - Tricky Woo, Thrush Hermit, Treble Charger, Kittens, Smoother, and Crooked Fingers in the past, now Young Rival will maybe signal a renaissance for S.U.

Young Rival seems to be a band without a gimmick. No ridiculously stupid name, no outrageous outfits, and above all, no songs that make you dig a hundred kilometres before you find a melody or a hook. There's a bit of range there too, from short, jangly bobble-head tunes, scrappy garage rock, and wistful, shimmering dream-pop. The video below shows people's reactions to live performances of Authentic from the band's album released a few months ago. I especially like the last guy's response.

A little quartet called R.E.M. covered this song just before the band hit the big time. Coincidence? We'll see.

YOUNG RIVAL (Part 2) - All I Have To Do Is Dream by the Everly Brothers from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

I'm pretty sure I posted this song previously, but not this video from the band's previous EP.

Before Beach House was bloggged about incessantly, Young Rival covered 'em.

The band even has an old school guitar fishing(?) game you can play. Try it out (try the wildcat head), but don't snag the boots.

Buy Young Rival from Sonic Unyon. If you want to exchange a free mp3 of Got What You Need for your e-mail address, go the band's web site home page.

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