Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friendly Foes Break Up, The Cars Get Back Together - Maybe?

The Cloudy News:

Friendly Foes have announced the band's split. Cue the violins, they've been rehearsing in my head since I heard the news. Guess Friendly Fires outlasted to win the Name Game.

Last show ever:
21 Aug 2010 19:30 Fucking Awesome Fest @ The Magic Stick Detroit, MI

The Silvery Lining:

The members of Friendly Foes might continue to make music, just not together. I thought guitarist/singer Ryan Allen was still fronting Thunderbirds Are Now!, but I've been corrected - I "suck at blogging", according to somebody named hawksorama. Bassist/vocalist Lizzie Wittman has made music with Kiddo, though I'm not entirely sure if that's a going concern or not. Wittman also has a project called Lettercamp, which I also learned from hawksorama. I stand corrected, mostly because hawks spanked me hard. Anyway, Allen and drummer Sean Sommer both play in The Cold Wave, too.

Thunderbirds - From: Skulls

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The Cold Wave - Clouded by scruffy the yak

In other potential silver lining-type news, rumours are flying that the 4 surviving members of The Cars are reuniting. This gossip was passed along to me by Slicing Up Eyeballs, now we're both rumour-mongerers, right?


hawksorama said...

TAN! hasn't been a band in years and Liz Wittman is Lettercamp.

You suck at blogging.

chris yackoboski said...

Hey Hawksorama, Thanks for the info. Send me a link to your blog.

hawksorama said...