Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eugenius & The Vaselines Hate the 80's, How About You?

The Vaselines are getting some ink these days with a new album after a 20 year hiatus(get a free download of the first single, I Hate the 80's, at the bottom of the post). I like The Vaselines OK, but I really loved Eugene Kelly's band Eugenius, his in-between band. With slightly-distorted guitar and oft-laid back vocals, the band reminded me of a more pop Dinosaur Jr with less guitar heroics. The songs were still simple like The Vaselines', but to me sounded more fleshed out and full of bliss.

Eugenius - Buttermilk

Buttermilk by Eugenius by scruffy the yak

Eugenius - Oomalama

Oomalama by Eugenius by scruffy the yak

I don't hate the 80's, but these lyrics are kind of funny, and the nostalgia for that era is not necessarily well-founded. That decade is much more funny in retrospect than it was the first time around.

You won't find Eugenius in record stores unless they carry used items. But you can get it on Amazon. The Vaselines? Try your local store or Amazon.

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