Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kathryn Calder and Some Old-School Style Animation

Kathyrn Calder has unveiled a new video for Arrow. I dig it because it references that old animation for which I have a twinge of nostalgia. Do you remember the old Tales of the Wizard of Oz? It doesn't really look like that old series, but gave me a faint reminder nonetheless. In light of recent events in my town, as well the States, the Oz video below seems to be timely. At any rate, Arrow is certainly one of Calder's catchiest tunes, ain't it?

Kathryn Calder "Arrow" Official Video from Kathryn Calder on Vimeo.

Kathryn Calder-Arrow by scruffy the yak

Kathryn Calder- Slip Away by scruffy the yak

Kathryn Calder - All It Is by user6316706

Kathryn Calder - If You Only Knew by sweetgeorgiabreezes

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SWhitworth said...

Awesome video and I share your fondness for that trippy old Oz cartoon!