Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Rest - John Huston and other Cool Projects

Hamilton's The Rest create arty indie pop for which it is hard to find reference points. Precious, wavering vocals swoop and flutter around, and sometimes I'm not sure if the words are as important as the sounds. The following song, John Huston, is named after a pretty famous director (The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen, Prizzi's Honour, Key Largo, and so on), I just don't know what the lyrics are on about. It wouldn't be the first band I've liked that I could never decipher and didn't feel the need to try to do so. The song will appear on the band's 2011 album SEESAW.

The Rest - John Huston by therestmusic

The Rest have been working on some quirky, fun projects in the past year. Here's a blurb straight from the band (from a few months ago):
"Hello, we’re running (hopping) around like excited rabbits because we’ve just released our first EP/Book for online viewing/listening. The Cried Wolf Book/EP revolves around the boy who cried wolf as an adult. The book's written in a whimsically dark style, with illustrations by the wonderfully surreal MLXNDRSC. The record contains three new songs, and our own rendition of the Robyn’s signature hit With Every Heartbeat. The Book/EP can be had FREE for the price of an email." You can do that here.

The band members must love their film. Here's a video utilizing Hitchcock footage.

Buy The Rest at Auteur Recordings.

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