Friday, October 29, 2010

Kori Pop: Not a New Breakfast Cereal, a Musical Subgenre, or Fizzy Candy.

Receiving tunes from an unknown artist is always a fun proposition. I got a music submission from Kori Pop, but I thought it was spam (Hint for artists: "Scruffy the Yak music submission" is a good subject line). I can't answer why I opened it, but I found out that Kori Pop is a singer/songwriter from Ontario. You can listen to (and purchase) her album, From the Outskirts, here. Sprightly-piano-based pop abounds, and I liked by her DIY video for my favourite song from the record, Nowehere Near My Heart.

Kori Pop - Nowhere Near My Heart by scruffy the yak

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Albert Bannatyne said...

that's one great pop song.

Not to go off-topic, but I'd consider buying the album, but I don't know... doesn't $15 for a digital download sound a bit high?

For $15, the Weakerthans provided their new album as a download plus they mailed me a disk (OK, I had to pay extra for shipping) plus they included a concert DVD.